Asi fue

Another night

In the essence

Of what remains

How can you

Ride the train

Along the spine

Of the sinister city

Time passes

By so quickly

Whenever you

Want life to pause

Often I find myself

Wandering around

Lost from the main

Objective next mission

Searching outside

Everything been here

In front of face

Right below eyes

The room where

You wish upon

The moon cracked

Light shot to awake

Questions await fate

Careful to wise choice

Another disaster comes

From fast mistake

Walking amongst guts

Butts loose lips nuts

Quick thighs prompt high

Salty tears friends die

Benches where queens

Are found strutting

To get to otherside

Smile sunshine survive

What can you say

When the words aren’t enough

Inspiration to keep you going

Sitting naked and silent

Without a clue for plans

Right now is life

Everything else is dreams

Spending money on smoke

That evaporates 10 minutes

After burned forgotten mission

And all those things

You thought you coulda did

Always same shit another day

How about different mierda

And some time to pray

For ways outside of this

Can’t describe only want you

To live it with my eyes my stomach

My legs my feets

Constant vibrations when breeze blows

Feels so weak more weeks pass

Nothing changes souls trip

Close to the edge slip

Remnants scent remains

Strange when home feels unsafe

Even more odd when you look around

And see older faces chasing the memories

You left behind in a bag by the benches

Not knowing if tomorrow will ever come

Smiling sunshine survive

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