you will see me again

Deserve don’t got nothin’ to do with it
after snoop from the wire
Did you deserve your just desserts
Did you warrant those outstanding warrants
Did you will your last will
Did you breathe you last breath
Did you wish away your last wish
Did you ask for second helpings knowing there’s none left
Did you wake up out your dreams only to realize there’s no more time
Did you see your reflection in the mirror
Did you run away laughing or crying
Did you unlearn your miseducation
Did you continue to flirt with Satan while two timing Jesus
Did you hold on to what you are losing and lose what you need to hold on
Did last year become yesterday and tomorrow’s too far away
Did you sell your soul for chump change as your destiny fell dusty
Did the sun say no shine while the moon offered you too much
Did the sky scream your name while the air whispered this world needs you

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