for real

Esperando Godot

No more muddled messages
Clarity is imperative
Searching for the good ole feeling
Walking down familiar blocks
Trying to see smiles that will warm
Inside like skin sweating
Instead find parts of self frozen
Like piraguas pain
Can come in all flavors
Poetry well guarded break in case
Of emergency urgency in delivery
Is now or never
Have not figured it out yet
Not that quite clever
Wandering everywhere you’ve
Already been not eagerly
Awaiting new like comfy routines
Never getting reserved
Reflections from ripples in puddles
Have you disturbed deeply
Continually probing
Forever owing interest on debt
That will never get repaid
Sitting around playgrounds
Brings you to throwback days
Simpler times when pimples
Were the worst thing on your mind
Still got the map in the back pocket
But lost confused befuddled
Hence the genesis of this thought
Auctioned off parts of self
That can never be brought
Or bought again
Mastered the art of pretend
Everything’s all cool
Everyone’s all right
Everywhere’s all good
If only you could
Turn back those hands
If only that would
Make it all better
Let’s face facts
Never been a hustler player
Or go getter
You are no longer allowed
To have regrets for lives
You have not lived
Your family are the ones
You have gone to war with
Keep them trapped inside your heart
What flows through your veins
Is straight love and leftover memories

Keep outside all that is hated
Keep close all that is sacred
You are the one who determines
If you will make it

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