Your family been broken
Longer than it was together
Almost like round pegs
In square holes

You always want things
You dare not hold
Let it drop from the sky
To circle round and round
Til it falls flat

The certainty of urgency
Has disappeared
Whenever you open the door
To the crib all the lights are off
Only the cat purrs and greets you
The walls have been silenced
The TV still on but muted
Actions with no words
Pictures with no sounds

The outside breeze has been remixed
To soundtrack these moments
Precious and few that flew by so fast
Even with old mitt couldn’t catch
The inside pitch that led to foul ball
You wish to do over

But no cheat code will make it possible
No returns or exchanges

This is a one way ticket
To your future you can’t miss that flight
Because you on it and it’s landed
Somehow somewhere unrecognizable
Kinda like your life
But nah couldn’t be
Supposed to be closer to dreams
Crazy distances from nightmares

The current GPS coordinates are
A stalactite frozen in the summer
Off a keystone right in the middle
Far away from happilyeverafter
Rather unique it seems
Once in a blue moon might
Assemble the team
All seasons everyone on DL
Or 7 steps towards emotional rehab
Nonstop affirmations
Self love unlimited orchestra
In Dolby Surround
Have surplanted soft subtle
Sweet times of everyone in the party

Clapping hugging
Hands on bottles
Arms on each other
The space the void hangs
Like lint in sunlight

You wish you could just run right
Up to it through it to live there

But tis all very necessary
To fly to skip through suffering
To hold on to hope
To figure out faith
To push away pain
To make sure you maintain
But never settle never doubt

To rise in the morning
Proclaim a blessed day
To see your history
To stand up be proud
To speak up grab your voice
Throw it out loud

To look at your reflection
Laugh and smile
Realize though times is tough
God done blessed you child

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