patria o muerte

Let’s Bling Bling Consciousness

-after Dylcia Pagan

Let’s ice out our integrity

Let’s customize our confidence

Let’s detail our determination

And coordinate our capabilities

Can we iron out our issues

Steampress our suffering

So our revolution won’t be wrinkled

Match your motivation

With your mentality

Make your soul shine

Sparkle bright like destiny

Under a discoball

Pop bottles for the pueblo

Put your community in VIP

You voice is the velvet rope

Balance is the brave bouncer

Make your dedication diamond

Change your chains

Let love link all your weakness

Release your wishes on

The wound up wind

Will wander in every breath

Push yourself until there is nothing left

Take seven steps towards perfection

Never let your future be an exception to rules

Those who got it all figured out

End up being the biggest fools

Fix the fatalism in your folly

Grab the greatness from your gut

Until you realize you are Godly

Honor your humility

Let hope be your home

Hug yourself

All this love

You have never been alone

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