Never a Stooge
-for Curly, after Max B’s Take Me Away

This is for
Smiles on slow days
Jokes when its cloudy
Even when I’m most lonely
Got people around me

We called you the hood ODB
So young so many babies
Maybe that was your way
Of letting us know
Pass it on to the next ones

Where we come from
You should retire at 21
The threat of pollution
Prison drugs guns
Makes it difficult to have fun
But we do
A select few that stay cool
True from the point to the view

Why do we lose so many
Good ones early

RIP my dude Curly
Met your fate escaped
To the gates that pearly

Crackers think freedom
And good living we not worthy
Ghetto existence
Build beyond negligent nonsense

Witness the powers of prophets
Judgement not to be fucked with

Anybody tired of fool shit
Young brothers and sisters
Deaded with full clips over bullshit

Thugged out thespians
Experts in drama
Temperature risin
Block hot like sauna
Pigs sweating every move
Last thoughts regrettin’
Sacred memories we never forgettin’

I’d bet anything to hear
Your last freestyle
Seen the faded to brown pictures
At the Ortiz Home Funeral
How we all look alike
When we a child

Grown men crying
Grown women screamin
Feeling of cold heavy skin is not mild

How long will we mourn?
How long will we mourn
Til the pain moves on?

Everyday I’m hustling
Everyday I’m wondering
When will they take me away?

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