get you some


Why so glum chum
Few steps away from being a bum
Those gloomy skies match
Your vision of the future

How many moons removed
From your higher education pinnacle
Are you still broker than windows
On a rotten theory leading to your confidence demise

182’s motto was reach for the stars
But the clouds won’t break for you to make a wish

You have just missed opportunity
That slid through for your eventual uprising

Almost caught yourself sizing up your coffin
Why has lately the brain been drifting often
To your large shortcomings

Still running away from where you need to be happy
Wearing a caged bird mask adding your luggage
Under eyes still searching for what is meant

No fleeting fantasies assassinating your apathy
Life in crosshairs don’t know whether
To duck or scream

It was all a dream
Until being above 30
Pockets on Bugs’ ears have you in
Uncomfortable hypothermia

Parts of your heart are frostbitten
Warm up to where you at
You worked hard for each blessing
As you are teaching learn from your lessons

Not just burning those confessions
In every session producing more questions

Was there ever a definitive statement
Declaring your innocence

Privilege just a higher potent poison by Hennessy
Looking for enemies when you have been your own worst

Probably scribbled classic verses
Already forgotten soon as ink dries on wrinkled page

Like furrowed brow with matching receding hairline
Demonstrates how demons got you far from straight

So twisted you are crooked looking for way out
With back to wall crowd rapidly forming

Slowly breaking down while neck has
Felt the lashes of whips self congratulations

No Barry Horowitz but even he was dedicated to grind
Advanced digital age no rewind button to fast forward
Dubs of you fronting who has ever had your back

You make your own path looping around
The track to remember vital purpose

Are you working hardly enough
Do what you have to thrive
What else do you want to discuss? 

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