happy 2012

i know mad late, but blessings to anyone coming through here and still checking this out. been living fams, that is all. won't be kissing no one's ass to get a feature. won't be coming outta pocket to spit at your open mic. i'm happier than i've ever been just writing for the sake of. maybe one day your college will have me back and i'm looking forward to it. props to stony brook, st thomas aquinas, st johns and el museo for showing me some love. hope to get back to the nuyorican some time soon. i got the green light to be rocking so i might just pop up at your reading. but what's good with spots charging talent? all i can offer is these words, as broke as they are. hope that is enough. pa'lante gente. holla at me on facebook, twitter, and tumblr. this will always be here. for you. antmorales.tumblr.com

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