look what i found

Upside Down

Feel the need to disconnect
My sphere of influence spinning
Diamonds in the rough
It is never enough continuous movement
On time though late mind reclined
To syncopate reevaluate

Put myself back on point
On a grind that seems to cause friction
No questioning my identity whole gangsta is fiction
Mine is more something exotic you never seen
Though connected to earth soul in the stars
So my destiny you wish for a brighter tomorrow
In the rotten manzana don’t hope to beg or borrow

Must really be thorough cause courage at a premium
Short sale on suckas you could purchase your persona on ebay
Your experience lacks references
Potential could be powerful credential
Only if you do the magnificent brilliant spectrum
Might connect your 7 powers was only if willing and able
To twist your accolades and burn in memory of
Your ancestors whose cages have shaped your lens

The morning time looks odd after battle
The bodies on the floors rendered invisible
Inventing new catharsis because the metamorphosis
Been far from easy spent enough years
Chilling with greasy handshakes mumbled what you said
I hear you exactly I’m fed by fried frustration
That got my hemorrhoids hurting
Wasn’t in preparation to ache
Though my pain
Could wake the planets shake
If you take stock
You find that your holdings are private

Congratulations are in order
As I sit right next to what might make me
Uncomfortable any other occasion
Than right now I scribe the scroll
Declaring my art will be forever outta control
With the penmanship of prior transgressions

I take the weapons away from whoever claims authority
The majority resist as the minority insist on the chance
To beg to differ at a quicker speed to decipher
The higher message almost electric how the pace
Will require you to inspire
The radio voices over the bridge
Your train of thought allow you to run local
For those still traveling slow motion

Every answer you need lies within you
Just been ignoring the heavenly séance
You might have been on
At one point
But when did you fall
Will you stand tall
To answer the final call?

My fatigue factor got me focused on
The flickering finish line
Might maybe a mirage but that image in my dream
Will keep me going forever owing debt
On that shit that don’t remain
Your tears have become refuge
Your smile my dedication
Your face rearrange the way I see mourning
Your heart make me realize a new day is dawning

Am I sincere in my purpose
Perhaps my truth makes you nervous
I meant for you to be precisely secure in your secret self
Releasing my delf but can’t declare the winner
Until we have a photographic finish
Oops the cameraman must have forgot
To reload the film
The wind has mustered
The message to make you move beyond
Stay alive child
Keep on living until you are gone

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