Word up Son AhA I sees I says

How do we reorganize our reason
What is the purpose behind being pointless

When you see the example
What does it mean if you don’t learn
From the mistake that made all the difference

Transition from being terrorized

Will you be properly eulogized
Entirely accurate down to the tall tales

Understand there is no need for the loathing
Creating your own pain difficult as it is to picture

Refocus the energy towards something more positive
Spend time covering the classics

Life is fantastic unrealistic when you choose
To live in the fog

Wanting studio as opposed to live concert
Of silent chorus
Echo factor causing reverberation across the room

How does the inspiration flow so easy
As you about to slide off into hasty desire

Might have to partake in multiple conversations
Just to believe what you have forgotten

Light too much flickering
For you to fall asleep comfortably

Mental aches for soul to awake
Trying to find right path for destiny to shine

Message should bleed through page
Onto the next surface you need to scratch

Beyond what’s below bonding with your blood

Last train home stalling to shuttle
How lucky is your shuffle
Switch 180 degrees toss light up what’s legal
Break in case of emergency blessings

Behind shattered glass reveals better days
Where you won’t have to pace back and forth
Causing concern to no one else

Can you enjoy yourself enough

Entertainment should be earned smiles
After dancing with disaster did demonic 2 step
To decondition your devilish programming

Infected with itch keep twisting the night away

Coal brick oven toasted confidence
Down to crust
Confessing beyond margin in stretched stressed journal

Spirits scream to be on point
Dreams determined to achieve
No doubt in face of adversity

Telling death and evil to march like lluvia
And don’t ever tell me anything opposite

Of my inevitable entropy
Towards living heavenly

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