how broke can you get

How painful will be this stretch

Can you even touch your toes
Without dropping dollars

Deluge still parched
Mainly concerned
How you continue to march

Higher plateau
Seeking meaning
Of rugged terrain on cracks
In concrete

Chiropractors massage
The Bubbles on your back
Well fed with salty peanuts
Throwing shells at poor attempts

Redefining renaissance
Moved beyond block benches
Need comfortable shelter

Reaper attached to shoulders
Like shadows is cape fear

Couldn’t never afford to get your float on
Still stuck searching for answers already heard

Word was build opposite of destroy
Vintage never crumble symptoms jumbled

Ill mind manifest limited growth
Experiences unanalyzed just pushed through
To get to next emptiness digested

Breaking wind

Focus blink
Closer to brink

Feeling the need to scream at the sky

Gather round huddle by the circle benches
In the big park

Appreciate your poem
Pardon who got it to spark

Inquiry doesn’t mean you at the inquisition
Switch your disposition

Why are you still shivering while you scribbling
Must acknowledge the flesh while still in physical

From your statis basis of your displacement
Discovering what is readily apparent
Disparaging your talents prophetic status

Allow your strength to prosper
Analyze how much your life is worth
Do you need all that pain to search

Brutal honesty from stop and frisk at least double digits
Memories vivid why soul still frigid
Tame the wild beast so they won’t conquer your pride

How have you given your total devotion
To why you are still alive

Confront what’s behind the mask
Beneath the skin

Internal conflict obsession with untamed fire
So much desire lacking ambition

Couldn’t make the main attraction
Fashionably wrinkly late

Hold hate and regret for moves you haven’t made

Draw energy from those still living
Resurrection ancestral creation to thrive

Inside beef promoted from external evil
Humanity bruised like bitter sunshine

Angrier night subdued by inhibitions
Master connected visions of illustrious rhythm

Comprehending the silence keeping you trapped
In Pandora box system
Dare you to open your eyes
Might realize subtle shift divine blessings

Avoid anxious accidents sidestepping tragedy
Like father’s retired jersey
In shutdown sweatbox salsa clubs

Open sesame possibility
Rewrapping rainbows flavored
With delicious dreams and wonderful wishes
Inside perpetual pot of gold

Cold quickly motivates
Each moment to articulate grander fate

Eventual direction wider perspective
For actual importance

Given bufetazo just for blinking
Imagining alternative democracy
Radical ends to savage means

Godly insight
Connecting the dots no more time to lean

Release the cork captured by the lump in your jaw
Chest congested Corazon
Release blood freely stimulated remedies regenerated

Hopeful optimism
Y NOT be great
Morales beyond worthy

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