peace to terryl talley. rest in power hulk

Rest in Power Hulk*Star
for Terryl Talley

What was your evolution to big homie
From lil holding work in the brib

Letting my man from the Rock slide
With 5 for 40 first time I ever seen that scheme

True hustlers speak in coded language
So the outside world will misunderstand you

Completely crazy your born day before mines
Two different lifetimes both searching for
Higher levels so you won’t be distorted

6 shots to the throat won’t ever silence
Your loud memories like when I came back
From Cabo hit you with that Cuervo chocolate

Block was on fire couldn’t burn anywhere low
So we built on the bricks returning from paradise
To the humid temperatures of comfortable oppression

What lessons do we learn from each other’s pain

Wanted to converse with your bloodstain
But homicide was watching

What could you have been plotting
Creeping to put up heat too late

Crimestoppers trying to comb the streets for clues
The hood already knows but won’t whisper

Why did you let the world
Like you more when you angry

Just a cooled up scientist
Exchanging killing time for one day not having

Any left except when we remember you
As a bugged out goldfish finger eager
To pop trouble bubbles to keep breathing
As long as the ghetto air allows you to
Believe your own bulletproof fantasies

All due respect for times served substance
Right in concrete jungles soon to crumble

Until the sunshine reveals caution signs
For places we dare not enter

But did trespass because we thought we be forgiven
In those moments forever living never thinking
Of who lurks in shadows behind us

Walks around spots we chilled only reminders
Of earth we been on but where we need
To grow get weight up be healthy
Be wealthy in mind body spirit

Never fear the future
More prosperous than teardrops
And proclamations of peace but plotting getback
At sessions after uninvited wake

You went with your eyes open
Teeth clenched saying

I’m aight
I will fight

Look at you kid even preaching power
As soul takes flight

But inhaling that last breath
Even thugs are scared of that sight

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