cash that blank check

Pencil Piggy Bank

Con yo
Spit cat scan with contrast
So if you radiate me you can find all the lumps

Identify that cancer kinda cool but cruel
When you just start finding the reason for living

Become closer to dying acquainted with reaper
Tapping you on shoulder politely reminding
You that forbidden day is sooner than expected

What could you respect if you never protected
Petty possessions you held onto until
You gotta pass them along

Like your pain is see through negligee lingerie
You wear nightly to gas you to feel sexy enough
To take that early dirt nap pushing flowers
With reverse gravity so all the petals
Would line your path of progression

Nobody said there would be no obstacles
Along the bumpy road full of potholes
Trying to find pot of gold at end of invisible rainbows

Impossible view with crystal clarity
Disparaging your disparity old balance
Leads to new scars on mask waiting to be healed

Shall give the words
But meaning won’t be revealed until you are ready
To comprehend

Some of us only got one hand to lend
Hardly any time left to pretend

Panic is readily evident but you are hole in heart
Hesitant to be motivated towards any change

What penny remains ready to be added up
Have you had enough

Hardly because Cabo Yaya is hardheaded
Cabeza dura with cracks in skulls
Creaks in bones can’t let those skeletons
Collect dust in closet

Rock those kicks you been keeping on ice
For occasions so special like these moments
You may not have many left

If every breath is borrowed
When will God want to collect

That debt with no interest
In who your casualty will traumatically effect

What’s the cause for your stop and pause
Every flow makes you more unique

Experience copy written because you lived it
How will you pay yourself for publishing

Right when your days are numbered
Like rip off the page cross out that date
Calendar where you cleared out
Your schedule for more sacrifice

Spiritual ritual to get closer to bottom
Make sure your lovely smile is never forgotten

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