from concentrate

So easily distracted damage accumulates
Faster than healing to broken spiritual

Success immaterial to overall lack of accomplishment
Look at exactly where you headed

Switch up the pace and travel plans
Within your hands lie what is difficult to lift
Towards the skies which have no sense

Of obligation to your destiny only reaction
Is guttural scream to rejection of groove

So much pretends on what you prove

To no one who cares or will recall what you wish
You could envision manifest

No more tampering with a secure package
That was break in case of urgency

Collecting dust comparing tumbleweeds
Looking velvety marching by over history compiled
Into creaking shelves ignored until conveniently

Quoted for future reference no application
To current situation that captured
How far you can drift like plastic bags

After storms attempting to clean streets
Only leaving behind permanent debris

That one day if you get around to it
Will be reorganized

What is the masterplan that will liberate
You from mental slavery as fast as possible

Got a few visions but not enough ambition
To determine your life’s path
Real because it was written by your hand

Dragged pen across wrinkled page
So you could examine the internal infierno

Placing you in solitary purgatory
Created your own comfortable category

But this is no allegory direct examination
Of supposed actual fact you been poor
Believe in your own righteousness
Have you learned from what you have taught

Caught with shaky alibi or better denial
Of problems existence except stress is persistent

Enough for you to be inconsistent
With effort and follow through

What type of holy spirit follows you
Carries you when you are the most exhausted

No precaution on your preoccupation with impatience

No savings because there’s none leftover
Acquired colder temperature for warmer desires

Passing through checkpoints utterly filthy
Should have placed priority on recognizing reality
Completely altered

Stay true to your convictions
Don’t let your confidence falter

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