everyday is poetry, give us this day our daily bread


What’s the matter
You afraid of a lil shit?

Never that just saying I been quite regular
Flow continuously are you quick enough

To wipe leave you squeaky clean
At the peak of the dream flick the light

To adjust levels impossible like deciphering
Characters who randomly appear

Tiptoeing thin line between sleeping and screaming
Can’t figure out meaning of time and places

Switch seasons to leave you bleeding
From particular orifices opening of the way

For ancestors blessings to pour in from
Hole in sky dropping like tears from sudden clouds

Frown at sunset because another day has passed
From lovely now into uncertain future

Structured life around loops in quest for truth
Bubbling to boil from inside provided another

Chance to dance with shy devil
Ignored like too much heat in room hot

Sufficient light to interview your brave angels
Needing to be celebrated as fast as possible

Breathing highly improbable if you haven’t
Been planning your obvious benefits

Life never came with script nor instructions

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