salud dinero y amor

May the Lord be with you always
For these happy love days

Heart full of happiness eternal
Continual elevation flowing like tap water
Few blessings to quench momentary thirst

Even if you had all the answers
How would you apply the lessons in life school

Will you eat what is left over after
Being held out of a sticky situation

Improving this temporary life
Quick minutes on everlasting eternity

How will you survive your own demise
Surrounding in eager shadows
To drown out the sunshine

Words falling on the floor
Ignoring the whispers of affirmation

What will provide internal motivation
To make sure we will rise into who we need to become

You couldn’t ever stop someone
From walking out the door

Harsh reality barely settles
Before we forget critical truth

How much higher could we get beyond the roof

In this puddleluscious porqueria
Make sure you push yourself pa’lante

Towards greater overstanding
Infinite jewels shining

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