rest in poetry, trayvon martin.


This is not for shorties who sit silently hands folded
Who lovingly smile at the camera

This is for the wannabe who screams
He is shuttling his soul to smoke loudly

Declaring death is inevitable and tomorrow
Might be his last so why would he wait
On the world when he can grab it from any victim

Obviously fuck the system
When your projects is prisons
Playground is the yard where they swear
They never believed in God because
He never had the time to listen to their dreams

Congregate 10 deep on one bluntville
To simply scheme and steam

Never capture any confidence condensation
Teachers condescend trying to relate
Understand plight of underclass

Wondering why this talented young man
Never comes to class

This is for powerful potential
Muffled explosions of deferred dreams

Dark shots that won’t ever reveal the light
Hoodies hiding hope for holy moments

Where their life stories mattered and triumph
Actually recognized so that they would be proud
Of their god given names not saying

Damn why you blowing up my government
Call me E Burna or Slugga or Trigga or Banga
Or Gutta or Lil Something or Big Nothing

This is for aliases becoming the character
That has been created for you highly improbable

Reality customized to shape your actions
Accordingly to the substandards of keeping it wrong
In vain attempts to garner more props or stripes

So occasions where you put in twirk
Could add on to your ample rugged resume

Seeking approval from OGs who told you
To hold heat so they wouldn’t get in trouble

This is for hustling not to stack but to keep
The corner with miserable company and puff for free

Easily distracted to crack or pop
Won’t stop the grind to build each block

Every hood into organized nations self sufficient
To believe in prosperous futures we should be living

This is love for little brothers scrambling
Tagging to see who is it

Still searching for do overs when the hood
Missed your perfect pitch
Or greatest crossover

With the weight of universe on shoulders
Constructing those chips
Into a monument of your greatness
Rather than a tenement of fuck shit

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