knowledge plus action equals power


Whole lot of nothingness destroying the being
Your lot has become sparking rapidly

Extinguished instantly distinguished as less
Than gentlemen more resembling rough draft

Without edits credit reports how many times
You’ve held something on the arm how quickly

Was the debt repayed with interest or lack thereof
Quite simply whatever the question answer is love

Unlimited by false standards of success contaminated
With hatred can’t fake intelligence or bullshit facts

Horrorshow is no hologram hard to hold onto
Holy moments without signifying the divine

Rewind to where you need to be right now
Paradox of present convergence of past and future

Colliding not so neat when body heat reveals
Fever beneath epidermis won’t be nervous

Once the show starts insecurity begins
Once the applause stops crowd won’t congratulate

Your confusion so deal with isolation
While yearning for uncomfortable community

Drown out the static noise with your heart’s monologue
Building towards a confident climax

Where nothing is resolved
But we a lot closer to declaring the truth

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