No rest for the weary
Sleep is for suckers

Dreams are for losers
Breathing your goals is for winners

What are you having for dinner
Warm lunch or leftover breakfast

Waterfall might run dry
Don’t ever be unwilling to try

Peace of mind connected to pieces of time
You have strung along into significant meaning

Groove got you leaning way too early
No nighttime patrol of things you can’t control

Make those quick turns where you can find
Safe stash crash wherever is comfortable

Run a few fulls sweat out tired impurity
Little impunity for past completely gone

Saddest song must sound joyful
Wash every load until nice and fluffy

Wouldn’t freedom be so lovely
Not without solid structure

How will this rapture leave you dispassionate
Good intentions signify proper dedication

Lively up your focus
Be faithful to your future

Don’t let the dust bite
Before you have fought your devils

Have the sniffles because project heat
Was a lil real last night

Let the window give you breeze
But you gotta wipe boogies

Wish that common cold was all that is wrong
Gone in a fog what could you do with your hall pass
Except stay in the crib cause you couldn’t afford gas

Watch the Knicks then pass out
What’s all the madness about

Raging towards tranquility
Master your abilities

New travels must be daily commitment
Submit to your higher calling

Tickle in your throat words you float on loan
To whoever would return a smile

Been a while since I had the torture of your identity
Complements are plenty unopened packets
Of condiments ready to flavor your desire

At your command how can you withstand
Any more shallow attempts at organizing the project

Forever unfinished diminishing returns
On shaky investments

Protesting lack of participation
Motivation towards being meaningless

Seeming less concerned
with power totally podrido putrid

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