Go get yourself some fresh air
Never meant to see you everytime
You been having the worst day

Hope my presence can deliver something great
More uplifting than current malaise

Always feels like a bunch of malarkey
That leads to contemporary fuckery

Facing forwards towards a future
That doesn’t want me to occupy a critical space
In the people’s ongoing narrative

Extremely feeble attempts at countering
Prevailing myths over where you should be headed

For lack of better words you been condemned
As a community garden making way for
Commercial real estate that will contaminate

Corrupt the native culture categorically
Castrated and confined to corner’s comfort

Keep biting your nails to get down to the nubs
Nobody wants to be cut open deep beneath

The skin at least the nipples need to be rubbed
Seduced into accepting raw deal where your feelings
Don’t make any sense to the powers that be

At least entertain while you educate
So your corny facts about freedom’s attainment
Will be nothing to laugh at or sneeze about

God blessed you with all that good luck
You know nothing ever happens by chance

Different circumstances dealt so you find you
Believe in your core convictions as you
Stumble down a path already promised

You would arrive safely but passage won’t be easy
Finding the groove beneath your asymmetrical heartbeat

Repetition is the mother of emphasis
Analysis of bottom basis static status
Certain cases nothing is for sure

Questions create stimulating tension to grab yours
At once considered so smart
Even dunces know where they stand

Confused by your origins in this land
When you don’t belong to any slice of earth

Much as the world is owed to you
With no shred of obligation

Such is the paradox of our tenuous existence
With such resistance to what is naturally given

Draw power from your tradition
Push past tragedy

Embrace the inevitable quit your bitching
Finally start living your own life

If the planet is in your hands
How would you hug it to show some love
Or rock it gently to sleep

If you gathered a beloved audience
What carefully chosen words would you speak?

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