making up for lost time

continue on your path
please don't doubt yourselves
split into provocative personalities
with seasonal affective disorder
out of place but can locate concrete
without gravitational assistance
persistently illiterate to illuminating
bright side of dark outcome
can't run from sinister shadow
attached to the bottom of heels back of shoulders
every second getting older
with circulation of earth around suspicious star
giving love to alleys between building
warming sensation even when chilly
for really i will keep security close to chest
so won't be able to see my hand
joker up sleeve so you can always be wild
dial any number can you get quick convo
will you be satiated to activate the motion
boasting false pride want to stay alive
foreseeable future in rear view won't be
so sounding sweet shrill point clashing
barely see roses in garden
stay grinding so you won't be starving

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