nuyorican ego tripping (after nikki giovanni)

Creo en mi

i was born in Bronx Lebanon
off the Grand Concourse
while we were still living on Sheridan
I walked out the womb dancing mambo
promptly recreated arrival of Columbus
all the Tainos kicked him off
la isla bonita for trying to steal fresh coco
instead we offered him cocotazos

i bathed en el Yunque
since then the forest been sweating

Yo Soy Malo

Mis santos said i was a cabeza dura
couldn't understand why freedom
wasn't promised to every man woman
child caught up in the enchanted rhythm
of coquis cantando

Yo Soy Jibaro Del Bronx

Searching for quenepas en every bodega
sweetest mango to drip down palms
ready to save lluvia to quench thirst

I gave my people chupacabras
named lelolai so we could balance
our pride with unrealistic fear
i turned myself into tasty frituras

This is my body which shall be sacrificed
for you do this en memoria de mi

My words are an offering to heaven
so that the Almighty can see
none of his inspiration went in veins
bubbling struggling against history's blood

dripping from beating heart
if I don't believe in my own power
cynical self fulfilling prophecies
will prevent future elevation

so i think i can
i know i will

rise above sticky surface
searching all along blocks of Planet Earth

to find the purpose that been living inside
underneath fear right besides confidence

miles away from motivation to build nations
organized barrios resisting gentrification

rather the elimination of beautiful people
who wer born to eventually move

let's dance to the endless groove
lack of self determination
gives bass to the blues

let's cry until our tired tears
overflow the Bronx River
purify all contamination
finally got acknowledged

never feel intimidated
by lack of representation

your smile is your passport to galaxy
universal identification

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