may i enjoy

may i enjoy the sunrise
now that i moved
to other side of insanity

left the bullshit
behind in other borough

no longer question
i am thorough

compared to what
no need to be
steaming on the corner
with some young hoppers
to be considered real

already seen
the crooked deal
we give to ourselves

shaky shuffle
too many cuts to the deck

went earlier than the priest to church
up before streetlights go out

what have the past 31 years been about

you still find yourself
returning to where the journey began

trying to retrace those steps
you was the only one left behind

still asking
where did all the fun go so quickly?

that coffee and cigarette
won't make you awake faster

have you spent that time judiciously
every moment was effective
still knocking at the door
who will let you in?

can't recapture innocence especially
when you handed sin
right outside Yankee stadium
after decisive blowout

scheduled for rain yet to see a drop
all these memories
keep flowing non stop

precise effort and responsibility
dedication determination belief

faith dreaming big execution

what type of follow through does it take
to be on top

now that you have plotted the plan
please connect the dots

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