08 brown book exclusive

Cypher Equality Shadow (2008)

My mind distant
Shoulders cold
Soul frigid

People done burned enough bridges
I am not about to step

Outside of self seeking affirmation
Cannot inspire others for determination

Self degradation has become the new style
Today has become cooler to icegrill
Than smile

Confrontational non denominational

Word is born like Goya beans
Tortured self portrait right in front of you

Uncomfortable when unaccustomed to
Natural fear

If everything is a lie
Then only the breeze is actual

Don’t be afraid to look yourself in the mirror
Don’t be afraid of the mess you made

Don’t hide your vulnerabilities
Rock them like new kicks

Stop running in place
Marathon massacre began last year

In this race
Efficient stamina to be the first one or last
At the finish line

Don’t spend the better part of your life
Asking why? Instead of how?

You can make the Atlantic waves crash
The Orchard Beach of your mind

Hold promises made to self
Most important

You fire sale pieces of times
To the highest quitter
In a concerted effort to procrastinate longer

Who have you been fooling?
The jig has been up
Everybody else knows the surprise
Except you

Who continue to exhibit
Warning signs of treason

Every second when claiming
To be crafting classic

You have simulcast your misery
To every world market

The planet needs some hope
Right now just in case you haven’t noticed

El mundo suddenly taken a turn
For the most gloomy

Got you walking round eyes closed
Bumping into your destiny

Who you swear in a dream
Told you she would take you
Out the hood forever

Maybe you missed the memo
But were only eligible for sweepstakes
But not guaranteed victory

So no
Don’t get bitter
Get on your grind
On your job

Wake up
Life won’t knock on the door
To sooth you out the nightmare

Wiping away doubt
Telling you everything will be alright

Far from it
Gentle kind sir

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