no me diga

the block is so dead
the corner got a tag on its toe
the pigs want to put you
in a bookings blender
send you to a cell
to feast on social security slop
silence dances around the desk
begging you to choose me me me
to tell you the answer
might find this precisely puzzling
as the revolution keeps hustling
the next release date
where you will change everything
the next day will remain the same
false promises are worse
than staining the drawers
at least that might keep stinking
but your attempts disposing
the garbage without recycling
leave aftertaste of pussy incense
with each progressive bite
starting to get to your gut
all that fried shit giving you feelings
you don't want
close your eyes
after watching the skyline
reimagine the streets and alleys
replay the marathon circular
bringing you back where you started
origins planted in vacant lot
with perfect amount of sunshine
flourish with flowers
dandelions fancy way to bring
fantasies to grass roots
stops right at concrete curb
the river from the hydrant
is deep enough to drown
if you haven't held your air
your fears will shout you out
on the street but ignore you in public
pop shit in privacy of your potential
rewind the instrumental
so you can open up your heart
on the soulful beat

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