elevation in eleven

Run as fast as you plan

Been running that marathon
Bright sights bigger frights
In the gritty grabbing hold

Searching for the strength
To squeeze tears at full speed

Pace yourself
Get in rhythm with your breath
Endurance to have
Something in the tank
So you could start to cook with gas

So much stamina to stay steady
The gospel asked are you ready

You sat stunned
But you got to be quick on those feet

Seen chapters of your life
Scattered like when your bookbag was stolen
Schoolyard full of random rexographs
Where you filled in the blanks
Enough to get extra credit

Now a daily debit on your debt to society
Lack of sobriety cause your parents
Shoulders burdened carrying ancestors stones
Push those rocks up the mountain
So your spot in the sun
Would never be shady

So many other choices by other people
Lets your voice choke on every coulda
But your perspective in the Petri dish
Got you picking boogers

Because there’s nobody to play with
Except yourself but those rules
Have changed and you forgot all the games
It’s a manhunt to steal the bacon
Thundercat in hot lava can’t you see you it?

Tagging existence to proclaim
Your right to recognition
But who gives a fuck if no one is listening?

Introducing yo fux that nuh name
I don’t give a pluck who you are
So luck who you are

At the bar pulling or chugging
Can’t g the city you bugging

Will get reminders
From absent minded tour guides
Leading down a one way dead end
Without letting you know
The city is on fire

Enough breeze to leave you shaking
Mistakes around stain
In concrete where the acid got down
To ground up all night
To see destiny sold without making
The highest bid to acquire
Enough possessions that your purpose
Is unquestioned

The decade’s material
Provides enough nutritious minerals
That your typical could never fathom
Physical with atomics phantom
Spiritual a spanglish ebonics anthem
To lift cada voz
And think
Make earth and heaven

To perpetually grow
Towards reflection and action
One big cipher
Where perfection is passed

So that the family
Can celebrate
Infinite bendiciones

Brindis to the block
Toast to taking it back
Salud for everything we see
Can I get a vaya for victory
Right on for revolution
An ashe for living free

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