Sincere Ignorance

Take I don’t know
Plus I don’t give a fuck
Add anxiety
Amplify attitude
Divide doubt
Multiply the mind by zero
Zone out to fantasies future
Inhale to push reality faraway
Embrace the inevitable
And forget about faith
Play hangman with hope
Ambition dipped down the fire escape
Leaving better memories behind to burn
Resume should read real shit
Experience surviving the street sucka
Education from school of hard blocks of Barrio
Culo caga’o copywritten on your fitted cap
Pledge allegiance to porqueria
Married to mierda on the mente
Much rather drink than vote for a Presidente
You feel euphoria when they mistake you for a genius
Don’t know shit and really mean this
Lack of knowledge but high IQ of nonsense
Nonchalant about chivalry
Gentlemen trembling proven uncouth ruffian
Moving distant from truth’s discussion
More interested in the fake niggas fronting
Who face you in the mirror
Even when crystal clear vision stay foggy
No being on point or alert just fuzzy and groggy
A blink renews the perspective
Gathered a collective company who loves misery
First season of episodes was bad enough
Licensing deals to sequels and trilogies
The violence could fill volumes
The DVD will have in depth interviews
Detailing the degrees of how dumbed down
The daily drama has become
We have only just begun
The record barely got spun before
Funk Flex dropped a bomb
Bottles got cracked instead of popped
Everybody saw the body drop
The crowd got quieter than feathers freefalling
The wind freestyled whatever
You went with the breeze bouncing
Like basketballs in dark courts
With streetlights illuminating the setting
For absolutely not regretting recognizing
The rhythm hidden within your veins
Develops the blood pumping in your brain
To trigger a synapse causing the collapse
Of what’s left in your physical empire
You call this artificial life
All the force has run out
And you are still trying
To get extra games with cheat codes
That have not been proven to work
Bunch of empty living
Like dying right after birth

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