Salsa En Ingles

Reminds me of the fuzzy tape
My moms used to bump
On Saturday mornings

I’ll always love you by Tito Nieves
Los Beatles turning quick cucarachas

Misplaced montuno mistaken mambo
Timbales off time sidestepping off rhythm

Repertoire been expanded
To regular crossover pop
To be accepted for radio consumption

Conjunction with salsoul y bugalu
But much more sanitized

Revision by hipster critics reviews
To certify the new sensation
Worthy of a watusi to make its way
Out the hood colonial imperialists
Consuming culture quickly disposable

Never recycled through the mic
Heard many tragedies
Like the apathy over
Irresponsible ownership left
The boogie down machine in a vacant lot

Challenge to balance
Hunts Point Palace Latin Quarters Sidestreet
Competing with Wild Palm and Havana Central

Fundamental failure to appreciate Fania
When stations tuned to reggaeton

Darselo en una manera
That never makes you te ta quieta

Only scream wepa asi

This smooth jazz won’t be sponsored
By Don Q and Bacardi

Different poisons brings same death
Those same breaths make you choke on spit
Because the riff comes with short solos

Couldn’t dare witness destruction dolo
Share the agonizing marketing vision
To distance us from ourselves

More confined to the system
Sticks tapping terrorizing timbales

Few decades passed without
Superstars gigging through sazon circuit

About to scream Capicu on the way
To court balancing paz y justicia
On uneven scales peeking through blindfold
To see freedom in funky smoky room

Make sure you bump
Official Africa groove trikita trikitu
2nd Sunday in June

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