Ghost Dog Exodus

Funny how far
The bx 5 bus can take you

Reminiscing old flavors
To savor fresh taste of death

To former versions that never got
Edited credited to never pick up

Lift up the healing that can be
Found in quiet moments when
Volume turned down

Focus on the picture getting fuzzy

Would you love me
If you knew everything

Want to keep the pain for myself

Not pass on this spoiled milk

Far away from fly on wall
Holding up the ceiling

To catch feelings on the low
Not to annoy neighbors

Let this monotony end
With our dusty generation

Centuries unseen we making
Sunset seem sinister
Once was sweet before
Stopping for motivation

Catch the headline without
Seeing the circulation

Let the ink flow freely
Without being trapped

React to weight heavy
On shoulders as we getting older
Should be some elevation

Plateaud on platform
Searching for next level

Several to couple back to few

Let you see only you in the mirror
With set of droopy eyes

Skies been calling you
Message wasn’t sufficient to reply

For some reason
The surface wouldn’t crack
Lack of substance abuse algorithm

Apologies probably
For polygamous prophets
Kick knowledge not profit

Soul continued to lose
Regained the physical
Temple in tune with spiritual

Breeze slapping chest
Begging new epiphany

Typically tainted with ancient
Options to open actualizing

Hearing angels over demons chorus

To calculate the chaos
With leftovers to heat up

So many voices
Couldn’t hear yourself think

Paying attention
Left a down payment on deficit

Waves crash smoothly
Against all thickness

Struggle will bubble
But when will
You turn down the flame

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