Boda en Condado

Let all those other days pass
When you made iffy choices

Conviction in your beliefs
Intelligence must sing from your voice

Every crucial critical decision
Analyzed to where you stayed

Every word you said
Been offering prayers
That took us this far

Sandcrab building a tunnel
Destined to be washed away

Te lo juro papa
Soy un hombre sincero
Vargas me llama
Vengo patras en media hora

Sometimes we gotta go walk it out
On the mission to find what you seeking

Who would have ever thought
We would reach New York

Nothing nueva
But old dreams prepackaged

History handed down
Is too worn out

If only white thighs
Would tan as quickly as rest
Of sun deprived body

Demons in chopper
Wouldn’t interrupt your Godly
Conversations with the waves
Crashing symbolic
Of never staying stuck

What a rush to blush
At your barrio confused by each block

Child of public housing project
CPG is paradise
Compared to Luis Llorens Torres

Sad more famous as infamous caserio
Than beautiful AfroBoricua poet

Lyrics fall shallow
When eye of beast is upon us

Paranoid to even preach Pa’lante
Down with a pais that abuses us

So easily we seek the next sale
On Polo en Plaza Las Americas

Rather than read about tyranny
Tearing apart peace within people

We barely understand each other
Except exporting selling out
Better sport than surfing

Island style so different
But spirits in sangre scream
Build a bridge

Where revolution puede bailar
Liberation puede disfrutar
Amor puede hablar freely
Sin mentiras

Honest discussion
Of future’s movement over
Ice cold Medallas

Focus the motivation
On freedom not failure

How strongly can Don Q Rum
Embrace you to handle the truth
Burning insides barely can stay awake

Daydreams have you leaning
Like avoiding Guardia’s bullets
In the madre tierra matrix

Didn’t even say hello
At the entrance
Before making a quick exit

Almost able to absorb
Apathy en asopao

Policia give you fast paopao
For thinking any of your gente
Have real power 

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