despierta boricua

Duerme Boricua Comprende El Puno

Front row seats
To the parade
On high definition TV
Anchored by Ernie Anastos
And Brenda Blackmon

Today is designed
For you to be proud
Of your pain and scream
WEPA as loud as you can

Forget about the other 364 days
You are not allowed to wave your flag

Too much soul in your salsa
Too much coordination of your colors
When your land is far from organized

This is more like
Sancocho of politics
With flavors that are too overpowering
To taste

Each pastele has a statehood tax
Cerrullitos support the status quo

Even jibaritos heridos
Have filed claim
To their sovereignty
With their separatist t shirt
Sponsored by American Airlines

All dutches cost
Event inflated 3 bucks
Along with Bacardi nips 2 for 5

What a bargain
To be a buzzed Bori

You prolly saw dudes with pythons
Around tight necks

Identities squeezed into
Limited edition air force 1s
There is even a discount
On those ridiculous coqui banderas
As Kermit coons himself on the stripes
Barring him from ever seeing freedom flowing
Over a truly liberated people

Mama Loca is drunk off
Mamajuana singing Mama Guela
Asking why are we still mamando
A place that don’t love us back

Ultimate fuck with no kiss
Manufactured bliss in abusive relationship

How happy can false consciousness make you

A brand new AmeRican seeking
Nothing but smiles and sunshines
Under cloudier skies

Ain’t no time to realizar your suenos
Thin line between realizing
You are still sleeping and barely awake
In this nightmare
Called pursuit of happiness

Perhaps you might pledge allegiance
To porqueria
God Bless Insularismo

Island got my crib bugged
Cultura gets learned
Like clockwork orange
Marathons of your least favorite novella
That numbs you down
To ser y nada

Sartre would have been a sangana
Trying to find the purpose in manana
When mind been molded
Into meaty mofongo

If there was a bilongo in the barrio
We might have quilombos
To gang up our sorrows

Drums dance in the shadows
Echoes follow you through deep darkness
Still hoping to discover

The birthplace of your grandmother
To explain
How rain sizzled on her skin
Drenching self determination

Not allowing her star
To glow brilliantly
Against the ghetto glare

Gaze into the galaxy
Examine the universe
To unify the black holes

Too many gaps in our souls
To ever keep the claves clapping

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