Peace CPG

What’s good mo?

Someone just jumped
Outta the 4th floor in Soundview

Sounds suspicious
Hear cat meowing outside crib

Walks around park
Just trying to live

Lights and sirens
Wonder what’s happening

Notice smalltime grafitti artists
Trying to evolve from toys

Hush of city mixed with breeze
Bitter faces brings noise

Who decides who stays alive
Many think
It is the person inside

Core fragile like egg shells
Tell everyone very well
Very fine

When it hasn’t been that way
In quite some time

Everyone assumes
Everyone on their grind
Everyone don’t care
When you outta sight
Outta mind

Rotten rotation
Repetition remains
Hard to elevate
When you hesitate to gain

No matter where you go
Everyone grow
All different but just the same

Somehow there is
Supposed to be
Structure in your pain

Educated with self hatred
Trademark stereotype

Stamped on your brain
Tell tears to transition
Into stars in your solar system

Keep going you must maintain
In my darkest hours

Words are the only currency
I have to buy back my happiness

I tell myself
Love myself

Resist temptation to telemarket
My tragedy
Celebrate myself with a sixteen

To love the reflection
In the mirror
Is the beginning
Of tomorrow’s revolution

Today begins
With affirmations
Of inevitable uprising

Embrace the evolution
Existence never isolated
Pushed pa’lante by people’s power

You are Godly
Flowers blooming
In arid desert

Time is now
Future made up
Of your poetical presence
Spiritual essence
Will keep you moving

Keep your head up
Winning even when losing
Proving that truth rarely soothing
Often cluttered confusion

Climbing mountains of people’s opinions
Avoiding painful domestic

Dominions of dominance
Seeking to elevate to pleasure
Prominence but feeling groggy
Soul feeling soggy and staggering

While worry wagering
On hope’s horse
Who’s 30-1 odds
In the last race
Of drama’s derby

If you give this world
Your best
You might make it home
Early enough
To read your own obituary
In the nite owl morning news

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