Think Fast

Don’t let time run out
Before you decide to shoot

Ball will stay stuck
In your hand until after the crowd

Has left you searching
For the way to say
I love you
In multiple languages

Without needing to explain
How difficult caring is

All the answers are none of the above
Mostly related to opening up

Spaces in shuttered Corazon
To pump blood to rest
Of your thirst body ready to jump
Off the curb with a parachute

Afraid of the fall
Ground rapidly approaching
Before you got feet under you

Practice makes regular
Exotic exclusive inviting

Integration of inspiration
Activation of internal radiance

Every piece of art
Been attempts to define
Simple complexities compounded
By fatal factors

Multiplying mission
So we could collaborate with
Congested calm corner

Photo retrospective
Declaring our defiance in face of
Death with mac hoody down
Ready to catch the next victim

Slipping back to on point
Focus lenses to movement
With frames blaming burden
On resistance to routine

If this ill
Imagine what you ain’t seen

Thin line crying over concrete
we drink in dreams

Want one last before
Riding out to see jaguars on prowl
While I seek 3 for 25 specials
Of special feeling

Embuste the entire trip
Learning how to find the grip

Allow what you want
To fall into place

No distractions
Breathing in pace with race

Small chase to gain homily
For few hours

Circulate scene while underground
Keep names in back of backed up

Fruitility politically abstain
From any battle for fear
Of bloody repercussions

Discussion allow deciphering discourse
Often of course traveled

Most jog through hostile
Patience wearing thin as scalp

Pork want you to have indigestion
More stressing in session schedule

To regain fuel at rapid pace
You could skate on thin ice

Until you slip on the shallow surface
Catching enough breeze

Eyes skydive loving glare
Aware of eminent departure
From beautiful days

Sun shifted your soul
Enough to make you feel in control

History headed
Right direction precise perception

Mind and voice weapons
You let dust collect behind
Books you never read
Albums never listened

Far more ways you could fix the photo
On the low low
Puddles on the curb
Are tears you couldn’t catch

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