Freedom is the air we breathe

Freedom is the air we breathe

Feeling of floating while running

Towards the future with a smile on


Actively liberate mind from mental prison

Voice reflection of soul hoping the world will listen

Spirit grounded on firm earth

But flying amongst stars


On the toad towards peace and justice

There is no map of your destiny

Just the footprints your heartbeats made

In the bittersweet concrete

Various devils try to suffocate your screams

For worldly desires need to knowledge

Your history has been clouded by horrorscopes

Forecasting stop and frisk

Merely stepping out on the block you risk

Victory being victimized and your ambition assaulted

Your integrity will be xrayed

Inner strength examined for factory flaws

Drop your drawers to see the size of your doubt

Strip search your social security

Feel all around your ankles

Hiding knifesharp nouns you verbal vandal

Insult your intelligence equalize your IQ

Your brain waves will be bodily scanned

Masterplan for you to keep nothing inside your hands

Empty pockets and emptier pockets

Abolish your authenticity

Prevent positivity place pride in penetiatary

No opportunity for parole

This life sentence a broken slanguage

Cry of anguish they want to loop

Remix for your chart topping hit single

Make you’re a one hit wonder

Who has still yet to uncover the secret to success

Is beneath brown skin

In front of faith

Right next to your belly aching for revolution

You announce I’m officially alive

To the demons who want you to die

Embrace your energy move magically to mastery

Assassinate the apathy they have implanted inside

Fortified foreigners invade your veins

Disconnect from the mainframe

Running marathons underground

Below surface to discover the purpose

When you wake you see wanted

Mugshots of mystified worthless

Who has wasted the basic better days

Trying to find the exit through the maze

Running cynical circles around silence

Thinking your low volume won’t offend the neighbors

But your clarity must be crystal

They got missiles pointed at the mothership

Try to make you think freedom

Is some other shit

But this life

Is the only trip

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