I am staring at a class of young minds

I am staring at a class of young minds

Who have yet to take first steps

But have been running marathons

Towards the capital of nowhere fast

Thinking they have the exact coordinates

But too bold to dare say they are lost

The cost to pay attention

Comes with a high interest rate

They never want to owe

Unless it is multiple zeroes behind balance

So acquainted with death

They give him shoutouts on the radio

Dedicate steady mobbin to the grim reaper

Listen to their best friends

More than their teachers

Because pressure makes more sense than a lecture

Born hustlers still waiting for the day

The cage will trap their freedom

Evaporate their dreams away

The rainbow only exists in fairytales

Happilyeverafter was once upon a time

Perfect hybrid of hope and hurt

Kids smoke away the worse

Praying for the best vision of success

Seen on the TV screen that has become a mirror

Reflecting a reality that has been distorted

Record their revolution upload it to YouTube

Hoping you are moved to give 5 stars

A favorite or maybe add them as a friend

Means to an end means the world will end

2012 before they began living

They started planning the aftermath

Distasters last longer than invisible rubble

Only things guaranteed taxes and trouble

All the money been off the books

They never dared to crack

Judging all text by the cover

If it’s hot then it’s that crack

Relax once they relapse on ignoring the facts

Back against graffiti wall

Still trying to figure out the tags

Screaming que bonita bandera

Don’t know the history of the flag

Pants sag because they always show they ass

Conspicuously silent about real shit

Today’s youth

Become tomorrow’s question mark too quick

Foolish genius still searching though clueless

If education is their passport

What are the rights of its citizens

Must stand up instead of giving in

To the temptations of a lovely lonely ghetto

Where you are the only person

Who hears the echoes

Of children falling in the forest of the projects

Wake up to the nonsense of neglect

In all our villages

We need to raise the youth

With love




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