Your ghosts have called you back
To the backpark of the Boogie
How many moments have been spent
Watching your shadow
Feelin jealous because he can disappear
Whenever the sun goes down
The old lottery tickets
Blunt wraps leftover leaves
Painted over grafitti
Have forever remained true to setting
Why did you find yourself
The other night
Weeping and regretting
Your current global positioning
When you try to reply instantly
The top highlights of this decade
You are stunned by your own lack of clarity
Lack of definition for the final sum
Add up your luck
Carry over your slumber
Subtract your cynicism
Multiply your memories
Divide the doubt
Your simple mathematics have left you
Staggering stumbling wondering
Where did all the love go
How did your family evaporate
In thick air without figuring the aftermath
You are the lonely historian
Capturing stories of brighter yesterdays
The wind screams wake the fuck up
But you thought one day
The sky would read the true meaning
In surround sound high definition 3rd dimension
Without questioning one of your first lessons
Worked overtime to evade your outerspace
Fantasies of the universe handing you
The key to eternal happiness on a drivethru session
You are no longer allowed to say
Maybe it was that one time
Because the clock has forever rotated around
You escaping the cracked concrete ground
With first class tickets to staying stuck
While observin the power of Pa’lante
Been paralyzed by petty prisons
Probation’s pain still chained to the cage
The page been your psychologist
You gave your soul on the stage
World witnessed you are brave
But inside shades of fear have financed
Your future freely as the earth’s economy
Is about to end
Dearly beloved
Every letter has been returned to sender
Have you opened the envelope
Every note was sealed with a kiss
To reminisce
About when you greeted life’s anniversary
The essence of adolescence
Left you with scars where those tears traveled
Using cocoa butter to heal
Pork po got you loco
You stutter when you reveal
Details of decisions daily reminder
Lack of discipline wishing instead of willing
Killing visions while chilling in uncomfortable systems
In this version of the revolution
A vida revision is needed our stories rewritten
Education to emancipate
Learning to liberate
Early elevation ignoring popular procrastination
You can use the planet as your playstation
Not the projects as your plantation
In this manmade jungle
Where your consciousness can crumble
Like evil eggshells
You walk on must march on critical
Born into criminal minded you’ve been blinded
Must be constantly reminded
Of courage in your casa
That has shaped every palabra into a bullet
With your voice as a loaded weapon
To defend your intellectual property
You been lost in the philosophy of the ghetto
While hearing ancestors’ songs
The spirits move your body to be strong
Stand up no stiiting no quiiting on your tradition
Building a dynasty to establish legacy
You been dipped into a predestined mold
The story yet to be told
Actors haven’t been cast
You can keep it real
Did you even think you could last?
On that point show your amor circulate your smile
Because that frown will fix your face like that
You don’t want to run from your mistakes
You should wrap your arms around each one
Say good looking out to your good fortune
In place of analyzing your emptiness
Overstand your abundance
You are rich with handshakes and hugs
Pockets bulging with laughter
Stomach full of sazon
Mind affluent with activism
What is holding you back is the first step
Off the curb and it feels like you will drop
You will keep falling until you awaken
But this is reality and the journey won’t begin
Until you push your heart beyond those benches
Remember you used to tag ACER PIC BX endless
Excuse me sir said the corner
Do you have anything to say?
Me I’m just happy

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