So familiar feeling foreign

So familiar feeling foreign

My mind two sides of the coin

Flipped to make decisions

After effects of the outcome

Are authentically ancient

Running outta time no more patience

With the aches and shakes of reality

Rubbing skin raw

Suffocated by mandible claw

Manufactured by natural resources

Robbed from ancestors palms

There’s a war going on

Holding beyond calm

Chiller than cooled ice cream

The moment before melting

Leaking across ceiling

See through raising the sky to a level

Of surface cracked ground

Puddles penetrate the promises

The premises are broken

Shattered pieces provide evidence

That edutains the mainframe

Disconnected when stars become

Distant distinct dots

Circumstances an instant

Catch the instinct of the block

Combine your confines and walking blind

See if you can still find

Footprints of recent paths

The journey various yellow brick roads to freedom

From the breakadawn past the PM

They have executed orders of insecurity on your local social

Violently assaulted your vocal

So these words have wounds

As syllables send SOS to the moon

So maybe the sun will smile back in the afternoon

Give us a shout out on the way back through the hood

Solidly jiggly boogieing like jello

Been born into tragedy with wicked mores like Othello

Symbol of uprising fist engulfed in flames

Different rules to the game

All these cheats must just give extra life

Hard to make it back when every breath is a sacrifice

What you gain you lose

What’s lost is a higher cost you couldn’t afford

Even if the details were on super sale

Piece together meals that will sustain

Surround yourself with sympathy so you won’t have to explain

The continual episodes after this eternal break

Reverse directions start again

Reset turn off your system been full powered

By internal energy plenty of time to waste

Not knowing when the Reaper will collect

This shield must be pounded

The heart will be bulletproof to be bruised

This life rotation like a record

With a needle stuck in the groove

The hood is on your side

But you still need to show and prove

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