This seems like a Team C Reunion

This seems like a Team C Reunion

haven’t seen half this class

in about a month

Come every once in a while

during the day wasting time

on absolutely nothing

The disgusting truth is the ease of distraction

Masters at reaction instead of revolting

can wrap a dutch tighter than jeans

Mind infatuated with fantasies can never touch

flip pages while daydreaming

twist haze keep scheming

The sun will never set

wishing you could stay a teenager forever

talking shit street knowledge quite clever

disconnected from the mission

still trapped in mental prisons

wailing at the walls nobody ever listens

The back of your destiny

has been stopped by panic

mans claws digging in your back

trying to take advantage

Handle the damage

by saying you tight or you mad

So lost yelling Wepa

don’t know the history of your flag

So amazing so young they blazing

what’s the occasion

a school high better than high school

all these shorties free lunch plus you can act a fool

your moms away at work don’t even have a clue

you alone in the streets bent with your homies

even with bills and a baby due

A mixtape describes your emotions

The intro serves purpose

You? never nervous

Give all this angry hot fire some airplay

Put that exclusive energy in rotation

Give suffering a shout out

and death no dedication

The outro outlines the point of your research

provide a solid thesis highlighting your main idea

must be freedom understood make that clear

Wish you could freeze this year

your age your privilege even your gear

those petty possessions don’t define you

can’t take it when you gone so far

off the map paranoid roaming don’t know where you are

You are the embodiment of love pain and struggle

Reflections of young moons and brave stars

God bless the youth for constantly seeking the truth

not just the child who got his own

Education from the root

This community is your home

where there is no place like it

even though you hate us

we love you don’t fight it

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