hood flick

Glory Portrait

Dropouts about to get back in the game
Pop 40 highlights outta town escapades

Been afraid
Tomorrow might transition
Too comfortable to bounce so hastily

Lately becomes yesterday
Half a man cell decay evaporates with each pull
Lil higher stale lavender flowerpot
Opposite of true intelligence

Can’t get an overtime replay
Blown call at hood tournament
Do over suspect Watson flooded
Camouflaged hot boys ready to ignite fuse

Challenge your promotional single will ever
Reunite familia haven’t seen
Since shat for amusing embarrassment

Ayer chopped down faster than
Ancient swamp trees
Woodchip legacy

Projector on side of brick fades with sun
Rises over brighter mistakes
You can’t take back when your ball caught limbs
Bird shit dropped on brim

Chances are slim screams battle
Just to hear loud whispers

What we supposed to do with all this knowledge
Brag about ignorance
Or freely distribute jewels to beloved
Float gravity deadly possibility

Pluck grey hair
Wisdom be Achilles
No time for shook sons
Don’t question power
Voice is necessary

When old wounds get fresh scabs
Grab mother’s hand
Stop dumb weight crashing father’s dome

Should know lane by now
More confused how life will turn out

Stay rooted in faith
Happiness is not for sale

Point is to do it
Fuck depression if you fail

You succeed from your effort
This is not your fault

You don’t deserve doubt
Hang on to hope

Don’t dead your dreams
Impossible seems likely

Fighting air letting you breathe
Accept anger

Endless bliss crying hurts
Perhaps manana won’t end like this

Give thanks for your ground
Floor slanted to make you slouch
The real has just stepped into the house

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