fucked up angel

Nuyorican Angel of Desperation

Go get it
Got that fever itching

Cojelo con take it easy
Suave pai
No need for bug out be chillz

Relax these are facts
Relapse more probable than elevation
Resuscitation of reputation unlikely

Why try fighting your oppression
You have that tranquil passive lean

Fux your American dream
CREAM ain’t just a ring tone

Bunch of shallow company
Shut up and smoke dope

Shells never dummy
How hungry are you

Enough to sacrifice
Can you go with out

No matter how loud you shout
No one listening

Hands clammy puddles
Plan one day to bubble

For now real struggle
Cotton mouth stinky paranoia

Legal aid inconvenient lawyer
Lack of ours waste hours

Watching brown skin wrinkle
Dried fruit bruised and beautiful

Shit shave shower
Might feel better about regular routine

Pana this ain’t a dream
Attempting fantasia out every day

Which way
Can’t fix a crooked game

Exclusive proof you lame
Copycat kitty until you bitten
Hand that breeds you
Who believes you

People in lurk of some strife
Gripping bubble guts

So hangry could belch
For fine first impression

Eye contact without daps
Thirsty coqui peleando
For last sips of dusty botella of regret 

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