Peace VONA, still recovering hoping for the bright future

“….our fate cannot be taken from us/it is a gift “– Dante

Fear is a fallacy
Inherit your blessed bestowed gifts

Embrace unusual

Walk around focused
Be wise in your wandering
Wish for what you want

Wait for it
Squeak one out

What shall be wonderful

No more fuck shit
How about some love shit

Don’t be done with future
Future is not done with you

Tomorrow may be uncomfortable
Uncertainty is very necessary for elevation

Clock pushes you towards triumph
Grab a handful of hope and hold on

Send out a smoke signal
Communicate to the clouds

Consider contribution to canon
Cultivate courage out the chaos
Like conviction to admit your flaws

Accept mistakes as mark of growth
Icy slope when you can barely walk straight

Prevent demise of ideals
Invested instincts influenced by elders’ errors

Look to the mirror forgive us
Recall you forgot agony to sit still
Capture your pretending

Gather what you left behind
Bid them peace salutations blessings

Presence es un placer
De conocer cara de nino
Pero alma de hombre

Fried anger will mata hambre
Pero perezoso will engorda

Chubby chicho spare tire will be cute

One day more of you from dubs
Potency of pa’lante better not be paltry

Skimpy bolsas de poder
Temporary fix for long term monkeys

Fed salty peanuts to put on sideshow
Let the extraganza sabado gigante celebration
Set off with a cipher to get the MCs loose
Enough to see prophecy within their search

Decipher conspiracy
Divine lives outside church
Wherever you choose to worship
Will provide heavenly temple

Gospel grounded in gutter
Go on get the gold at end of pothole road

Your truest smile lies at faded yesterdays
Past is no longer your cage

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