so called leaders with no followers

Verguenza Sin Baba

Conference full of clowns
Experts elected to maintain status quo

Shucking jiving to squeeze inside
Ivory tower illusions of power

Mingling minions
Hungry for idol worship

Suck up with selfie to prove
You rub elbows with celebrity academics

King’s crown lack sincere shine
Dangle you dream with torn laundry line

Dirty drawers thrown away
Forgotten funk realer than elevator jingle

Crazy how far block fame
Can bring you back to foundation

Genesis of critical consciousness
Essential why

Pen to paper sacred word cry
Heavenly muse decided to pay visit

Divine reception inspiration
Soothes spirit so much static in city
Can barely hear your own voice

Many choices few options
No selection stuck on bobito

You are writing to heal soul
Not become spokesman of your people

So much evil
Lurking tempting you to join
Spaced out zombies

Brain meat chunks
Deep dive in dark lagoons
Curse thought clouds
For lack of levitation

Analyze situation
Stuckazoid in middle of Smacked City

Poor barely get pity
Rich are rotten ripe

Picking apart bones from flesh
Hollow skull brittle skeleton

Miscreant meddlin
Right where devil’s been

Prepare receive blessings
Daily work is your evidence

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