angels son

Nuyorican Angel of Tragedy

Boiling all of sudden
Drop frozen yucca
Thaw on gummy spine

Precipice of pinnacle
Shaky wobbly
Pocketful of ni papa ni agua

Fuzzy tumbleweed shutdown records
Fertile plot reap succulent revenge
Worthy of heirloom redemption

Biggest flaw is carrying burden
Con gusto

Swimming between comfortable coast
Endless ocean abyss

Get reacquainted with barrio of Atlantis
Switch vantage penthouse fire escape
Boomed out dungeon basement

Bad decisions inconvenient timing
Epiphany evil lurking

Silver lining shadows
Shatter glass in case of certainty
Blurring greys and browns

Thunderstorm with no contingency
Extinction coming imminently

Starts off with cough then congestion
Heavy burden then stressing

Aging before maturity
Unexpected demise
Poverty resigned impossible dreams

Get used to drowning as breathing
Leaking as healing
Losing like keeping

Honesty sneaky stealthily smuggling
Suffering in tiny paper cut slices

Price is cheap
Product defective

Creeping in shadows of blessings
Bathe in bucket of tears
Floating in funnel of fears

Mistaken motivation through years
Frustrated days slowly disappear

Don’t turn around
Act surprised

Whole life
Been watching you
As I lie

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