9 weeks til June

9 weeks til June/Summer Break Started


Young brains on vacation

Futures float away on paper planes

All I wanna hear is gunshot

Cashier ringing then take your money

Bellies rumbling hungry

Heartful of the hood

Soul shaking towards young face

First place informality

Higher and higher on tragedy

Masters in apathy ready to declare

Deadly I don’t give a fucks

Followed by lovely don’t leave me

Caught in between the too warm breeze

Bacon egg and cheese breaths

Deblt with high interest can’t be repaid

When constantly held back in each grade

Sharp as the blade that shaped eye brows

Instead of saying what son should ask how

The right now will evaporate quicker

Than smiles after bad news

So much to prove and everything to lose

Been lost before understood

the hidden taxes and costs

can’t even cheat right

getting caught on the regular

they say lack of motivation in molecular

I believe mediocrity

Is an acquired taste

Small sips of cynicism

turn big gulps of misgivings

we are quick to forecast their fate

doors to their imagination

imagined nation

must be open late

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