Sketching the Hood

Sketching the Hood


Ill description              violent prescription

Switch rearrange perspective

Shift the individual to collective

My feelings are disposable local and global

Sanitation type sanitarium

World is my oyster

Can’t swim in the aquarium


Open up the soul with a Caesarian

To empty and disinfect the womb’s tomb

At the sight of the full moon

Strange activities symbolic of doom


At once everything transforms beyond storms

Of normality upon facing reality

I see so many fatalities challenge me

To keep balance on high wires in the circus

So often feeling without the fire without purpose

Struggling to feel empowered against machines

Controlling regulating breathing

My fantasies are fleeting a swift retreat

Overstanding the outcomes

Combining the consequences within consciousness

Even courage is contagious

Like confidence quick to catch on

Prevent your pain and pity from being passed on

Like overdue bills to next of kin

Even in death you still gotta pay to win

You can lose love for free

Life will slip through fingers

Faster than grains of sand

What are the latitudes of your attitude

And longitude of your longings


If you mapped out your mistakes

Would there be an expressway for evil?

Could you dial 911 for emergency

Cause you low on energy

It’s been eating you up inside

Time to reroute the mission

Reevaluate by any means necessary

You been tragically forced into positions

Where you actually have to give 2 shits

You pass off your fiber to anyone

Who dare listen

Back to your tradition stop wasting your time

The hate of the world suspends endless rhymes

You convicted yourself before the jury considered the evidence

You evicted your greatness because of loud music and rent negligence

Your bowels have been constipated with beef intoxicating the ozone

Even if ET was long distance he still couldn’t phone home

Your cat is speaking your words right back

Allergic to apathy hard to compete with your reflection

Of a better future that lapped you and left you in the same place

Same race you been running but only memories of better yesterdays

You clearly add myths to your own history to make it shine brighter

If you don’t push this pen by no means are you a real writer

Just resting on your laurels many thought bubbles get filled

So much potential participation gets killed

So you spill quarts to the ground attempting to gather spirits around

Who all tell you to keep pushing              keep looking up never down

Keep your tongue sword clashin sharpen skills to the point

Keep your people in your view tell em how our hearts sound


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