Subtle inequalities

Subtle inequalities


Add up all your sad moments

To create a happy hour

Half priced drinks to make you smile freely

I’ll take a pint of power and a shot of strength

Give me nonstop 25 cent gold medals for living

Don’t let a papercut slice your promise

No diss song should subtract your potential

Exercise democracy over available instrumentals

Don’t waste time hyped off your most gangsta rhyme

Believe your words if they reflect in the mirror

Although tap water is clearer Poland springs are contaminated

Big gulp to quench thirst absorbing hatred

Release your waste flush it all away

Once the sun goes down tomorrow is that brand new day

Do with it what you will keep it moving

Ill do this like ants carrying infinite body weight

Can’t really escape trapped within 4 walls of barbed wire barrios

Assuredly confused absolutely blurry definitely doubtful

See where I’m at but can’t anticipate what I’m about to do

Beyond a figment stereotype your pigment melanin molds minds

Makeup like artificial painting smirks on quick work

We wear the mask haven’t removed the bandaids

From wounded frowns since back before birth

Eliminated so you were innovated renovated to realize

There are really no surprises only further pinky swear

Of broken leftovers and colder reactions

Shrug your shoulders to keep head on straight

That false sense of security will lead to

Breaches and bars and gates and fences

Remind yourself of the simple benches

You have gone far barely survived

Just woke up still got sand in eyes

Can barely focus looking for better days

In the forecast for the ones who got

Their own piece of sweetness

Sugary starch can leave you stiff

Stuck with forward momentum going nowhere fast

Standing running rapidly in case of emergency

Urgently contact closest confidant

So you can spill the cream highest of the crop

To the bottom of the bucket mistrusted the higher meaning

Disbelieved the bochinche scanned the barcodes

Let that bass boom rattle your rearview

While eyes glued in front of windshield

Can’t reveal what hasn’t been concealed

When the air rips you down the essence

Try to remember the presences of porqueria

To calm your nerves bomb your words

Across blank canvas you can cause damage

Internally exhibit extraordinary energy

The anxiety must not be entertainment

No longer allowed to dwell on premises you been evicted

Confused by which way is back home must be twisted

Engagement an exorcism of ego

Pa’lante powerfully

Exit evil

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