Not the Same

Not the Same


The crib been silent

Stories been muted

Voices with clichéd overdubs

Capturing attention

Right after these commercials

From corporate sponsors

That have colonized our family

Used to watch TV while eating dinner

No playback of each others daily highlights

Just school and work

Institutions designed to distance us

Add the finishing touches

On a montage of moments that will capture

All the laughter and disaster

Collect the remains gather the broken images

From the backwards peacock mirror

To transport you forwards towards what to come

Run around the courts and fields

To work up the sweat and appetite

Developed acquired taste

For not acting right because I’d match my mind

To the continual movement of doors opening and locking

Bed right above entrance and exit

Thought I could get precise directions

On where I should be headed

I read recognition  it screamed off the page

At that age still trying to recover

Something that won’t be found


Those calls bounce through walls

Those drums dance in dreams

The unseen became in front of face

Now turned away trying to handle

Understanding with slippery grip on what I can’t

Room been a lab of battling histories

Experimenting with mysteries

Examining the astrology

Of absolutely no apologies

If only it was magic everybody might reappear

Instead this is another empty night

Me and my shadow for company

Only none of these stock options have gone public

Nothing absence of space

The transferring of matter into product to say something

Your heart been a peanut shell

A door open to a cell

Waiting for the invitation

When was the last time

Faces in a picture were altogether

Like an original ensemble

Our classic hits leave me trembling

Resembling a group gathered to make history

Not fade away like colors run in the sun

Where we would squint and pinch

If only the light would last

A little longer

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