Last night turned into this morning

Last night turned into this morning

I’m just glad I made it back to the crib

Wobbling trying to figure out how to live

Just a kid who grew up too quick

Walking on the concrete tears make road slick


Philosophies misspelled while being overwhelmed

At the edge just blowing with the wind

On the odyssey focused on journey back where it started

Perpetual search home of the brave hearted


The beginning of the exodus

Said feels so foreign reversal of direction

Moments of introspection leave physical without protection

In school and the streets learned lessons about values

Keep going eventually you might understand

Fortuitous timing hopping on the Bx5 bus

After building with JB BC KCino and Snaxx

Seeing through the lies finding actual facts

The hood is still alive just trying to live

in the moment right now is priceless

split Sesame Chicken combo with my mama

to revive the reason for passion or legacy

hope that the spirits don’t get ahead of me

looking up to evaluate the destiny

trying to feel like home is where the heart is


on every side of the city feeling your memories calling you back

at least say what up cause you need to show that love

pumping through veins mixed with intoxicating intentions

of instigating the movement to manifest your monuments

of the wonderful ways the world has hugged you even when

you said fuck frustration and forget about future

not used to embracing the inevitable rather remember the regrettable

instead of letting go too easy to hold on to genius like a cold world

the night before when you woke up to realize your eyes are your cries

bouncing back to connect sound and sight

the precise coordinates of your capability are exactly plotted

but there is no map to guide

no sense of reflection can provide

on your path please don’t leave behind laughter

account for your blessings carry over all struggles

upchuck your agony regurgitate your reputation

wipe away your worry puke pessissm spit out silence

swallow tomorrow yak yesterday appreciate the present

refresh your revolution wherever you rest your head is heaven

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