Fuck My Life

Fuck My Life


Tease my temptations

Arouse my anger

Awaken my apathy

Slow dance with struggle

Strobelight my sexiness

Wink away worry

Run your fingernails along my spite

Lick my tight spot

Tongue down my terror

Make my toes curl from your chemicals

Be kind to my kidneys

Embrace my ethnicity

May my seasonings swallow your taste buds

Pound my pain

Give everyone of my openings orgasms

Until the tender places spasm

Muscle contractions massaged

With essential oils to smooth out the tension

Make your reason relax start to purr

Like a kitty rubbed the right way

Reveal my secrets in a whisper

That might heal a wounded heart

Turn me on keep my engine humming

Dry hump my hope

So my love rocket with lift off

Guarantee that you are gonna give it to me

Just the way I like it

If you work it just so

I’ll scream and make noises

I won’t fight it

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