Affirmative Proaction

Affirmative Proaction


I seek endless possibility from the unseen

I tried to put my people on to a Love Supreme

They told me turn that pretty shit off

Don’t define the hustle


Around here we need sounds

Like Big Pun on the timbales and Tito Puente rappin

Like we need Jesus dropping exclusive mixtapes

With hot 16s from Allah Buddha and Ganesh

Like Hector Lavoe having a driveby on Calle Luna Calle Sol

Like Das Efx going platinum with Hip Hop is outta Control

Like Louis Armstrong having a smokefest with Snoop

Like Billie Holliday singing StrangeFruit in autotune


We need Lil’ Wayne to be the next Michael Eric Dyson

Mike Tyson to be a counselor for peace

What if Major Leagues went on strike

for illegal immigration raids


Switch the scales of justice put CEOs in a cage

Each Dutch should have a fortune

Inside after you split

The cornerstore could have maps

for your life’s destination

all malt liquor will have

the same nutritional content as OJ

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Are the new steroids

So the hood is juiced up

Producing Olympic Gold medalists

Every phone booth has a direct line

To the White House 311 center


Around here we cool with the cockroaches

because they clean up crumbs

pigeons stay shitting on you

for good luck

squirrel in they own world just trying to get a nut

all the dogs and cats out for last scraps

don’t stray from the pack

like a mosquito you quick to get clapped


ain’t too many ready to change all dat


born where the air slaps you for just thinking


College professors should give out

Political philosophy classes down at the precinct

The law school should set up shop at Central Bookings


One day I dream of smiles

instead of frowns everywhere I’m looking


the sun shine screams I love you from the sky

the stars say What up when you step outside


faith is the final frontier

the whole hood trying to go out there

next weekend

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